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What could the absence of up-to-date safety regulations, external RCA, and measurable KPIs be costing your company?

At Assured Investigations, we offer in-depth analysis and development training to help you optimize your business and manage physical and financial risks. 

We have years of experience in the field and understand exactly what OSHA looks for when assessing the compliance of your business.

With minimum fines starting at $2000, can you really afford NOT to give us a call?

Take a look at our services below or contact us to find out how we can help you safeguard and optimize your business success.

Insurance Claims

(Public Adjusters & Government Assistance)

Do you have questions about insurance or your taxes? 

At Assured Investigations, we can answer your questions on subjects like

  • 401K Implementations withdraws and questions

  • Tax auditing 

  • FEMA filing

  • unemployment filing and investigations

  • General insurance questions


We have an in-depth understanding of tax laws and have close relationships with IRS tax auditors. You would be amazed at how many U.S. businesses and private citizens end up overpaying into the IRS. Our priority is making sure that you pay what you owe and not a dollar more.​

Law Consultation

Save time 

Avoid fines and fees 

Save money


Risk Management

What steps are you taking to increase your organization’s resilience and mitigate potential risks?

At Assured Investigations, we apply our operational expertise and extensive industry insights to ensure that your company is safeguarded against physical and financial risk. 

Our extensive services include:

  • Leadership and development training

  • Safety training 

  • Analyzing environmental safety hazards

  • Financial risk training 

  • Team building exercises 

  • Leadership and diversity training

  • Compliancy checks according to state and federal regulations

We area certified OSHA trainers and DOT compliance trainers We have witnessed firsthand how OSHA can shut down a company for overlooking specific areas of health and safety administration. 

At Assured Investigations, we provide peace of mind that your operational process is compliant with every law that applies to your business. We leave no stone unturned.​

Save time

Stay compliant 

Avoid fines


Business Optimization

Are you monitoring your team’s KPIs to improve business and ensure you consistently hit your financial targets?

Many companies are familiar with KPIs but are not implementing them in the correct way. Without setting measurable metrics and goals for the team, financial targets are missed and staff feels underappreciated by the managing team. 

At Assured Investigations, we help you identify and implement measurable KPIs that will help you get the most out of your team and increase productivity across the board. In addition, we also help business with: 

  • Business Organization

  • Financial Automation

  • Human Resource Consulting

  • Reducing Cost

  • Improving Performance 

  • Creating KPI’s

  • Policy and Procedural Development and Implementation

Data on a Touch Pad

Identify the root problem

Implement the solution

Improve operational effciency

Discussing the Numbers

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Are you losing money to a problem that you can’t identify? Wouldn’t it be more efficient to predict potential problems and implement solutions before incidents can occur?

At Assured Investigations, we are experts in Root Cause Analysis. No matter how big or small your business is, overlooking potential problems or compliance issues can result in huge fines or potential lawsuits for your business.

  • Incident Prevention 

  • Incident Management

We will be the outside eyes looking in to identify the weakest areas of your operation. We will help you implement solutions that will improve operational efficiency and increase your profits long term. 

Need help training your staff to prevent future incidents from happening? We can help you with that too.

Implement KPI's and key metrics

Increase productivity 

Surpass financial targets

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How much money will your business save when you collaborate with Assured Investigations?