Financial Services

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We offer bookkeeping services and financial administration at prices that you’ll find hard to match.

We are a team of certified payroll professionals and public bookkeepers. 

We offer financial administration and bookkeeping services that you will find hard to match when it comes to affordability, efficiency, and transparency.

Don’t let filing your taxes become a thing of dread. Let us set up a streamlined system so that you never fall behind on your books again.


Take a look at our list of financial administration services below or contact us to find out how we can save you and your business money.


Have you fallen behind on your bookkeeping or need a hand moving over to Quickbooks? 

Our team of certified bookkeepers and accountants offers high-quality services at the business’s most affordable rates.

We work with small and medium-sized businesses to help them address problems that they don’t have the time or expertise to identify.

With the best accounting team by your side, you can avoid mistakes that could potentially cost you tens of thousands of dollars down the line. 



In addition to making sure everything is in order, we are 100% transparent about our process so you can avoid making the same mistakes again. 

Whatever state your accounting is in, Assured Investigations will make sure that nothing gets overlooked.

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  • Account Reconciliations

  • Accounts Payables and Receivables

  • Collections

  • Full Payroll Service

  • Budgeting/ Forecasting 

  • Cost Coding 

  • Controller/CFO Services

  • Maintaining your P&L

  • KPI Reporting 

  • Reporting- Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually 

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Non-Profit Business

  • New Business Formation

  • Quickbooks Set-Up, Integration and Training

  • Personal Financial Planning and Budget Setting

  • Retirement Planning 

          Save time with our streamlined process ‌       

          Avoid‌ ‌fines‌ and late fees       ‌ ‌

          Save‌ ‌money‌ ‌by choosing an independent firm

Tax Services

(Private and Businesses)

Our team of experienced bookkeepers handles tax prep for businesses and private citizens. We complete all necessary documentation, tax filing, and fix previous errors to ensure your books are clean. We can help with:

  •  Small Business Full Tax Services

  •  Personal Taxes

  •  401K Withdrawal

  •  Full Service Tax Prep 

  •  Filing Quarterly Taxes

  • Auditing

  • Amendments Filing​

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If you choose to, we will do your taxes with you sitting by our side. We love it when our clients are involved and can see what we are doing. In fact, we pride ourselves on being the most transparent bookkeepers in the business.


  • Why choose Assured Investigations to handle your taxes?

  • We charge less than the CPA and typically do personal taxes for $150

  • We can work remotely or come to you

  • We handle all-size projects for personal accounts and businesses

  • We are 100% transparent about our process

  • We guarantee error-free books to ensure you avoid penalty fees

Save time with our streamlined process ‌       

Avoid‌ ‌fines‌ and late fees       ‌ ‌

Save‌ ‌money‌ ‌by choosing an independent firm


Financial Auditing and

Process Improvements

How much time and money are you losing to inefficient bookkeeping?

At Assured Investigations, we will review how you are managing your payables and receivables then assess how you can improve. 

We regularly work with companies that have been around for more than a decade and discover that they have not been keeping their books correctly. Our services include:

  • Software Set-Up, Integration, and Trainings 

  • Automation Implementation and Training

  • Business Optimizations

  • Six Sigma

  • Data Analytics

  • Auditing Services 

  • Risk Management

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We show them how to streamline their process so a job that typically takes four days can become automated, saving time and reducing room for error.


We set businesses up for long-term success by training employees on how to properly manage the new accounting systems.

Make your process efficient 

Discover if you have been overpaying your taxes     ‌ ‌

Reduce room for future errors


Mergers & Acquistions

Discussing the Numbers

Partnering with another company is an exciting way to expand your business. Assured Investigations will help you prepare for and manage the transition. 

We help clients manage both mergers and acquisitions. Our services help clients realize sustainable cost efficiencies across the companies and manage risk before, during, and after a deal is made. We also work on the following:

  • Business restructuing

  • Business due-diligence

Manage and mitigate financial risk       

Accelerate your growth with confidence  ‌ ‌

Successfully execute mergers and aquistions



Need a legal document notarized quickly and effectively? 

We are authorized to legally notarize your legal documents. We can administer oaths and affirmations, take statutory declarations, and witness and authenticate the execution of legal documents.

Simple process

Quick turnaround‌ ‌

We'll come to you

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How much time and money will your business save when you collaborate with Assured Investigations?