Investigation Services

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Confidential Investigation Services to protect you against fraud, harassment, and domestic deceit.

Are you starting to feel like you are losing control of your business or private affairs?

We are a team of highly experienced investigators. We investigate all kinds of claims concerning HR internal investigations and domestic cases. 

Our process is simple and discreet.

  1. We specify the problem

  2. We assess the situation and determine what we need to move forward

  3. We create a strategy to get to the bottom of the matter

Take a look at our key investigations below or contact us to find out how we can help you obtain evidence that stands up in court. 

Workers Compensation Claims

Do you suspect that an employee is making a false compensation claim?

We can investigate whether somebody is receiving compensation under false pretenses. 

During previous investigations, we have detected cases of fraud that have resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars of unjust compensation.

If you suspect that a worker is receiving unjust compensation, we will investigate the situation and give you a clear report on what’s going on.

Warehouse Workers

Affordable rates      

Professional and discreet      ‌ ‌

100% willing and able to testiy in court

Bankruptcy Filing

Unemployment Fraud &

EEOC Claims

On a global scale, companies are forced to pay out billions of dollars annually as a result of unemployment fraud. 

We safeguard businesses from fraudulent unemployment and worker coms claims by investigating whether these claims are legitimate. 

In cases where an EEOC claim has been filed, we will extensively assess the truth of the claim by executing our own investigations. We will put together a thorough report and hand it over to the EEOC.

Safeguard your company from unemployment fraud   

Accurate and dependable results

Affordable rates


Internal Business Investigations & Corporate Fraud

Corporate fraud can occur in all kinds of ways. If you suspect that your business is being affected by corporate fraud, we will carry out our own external investigations to get to the bottom of the matter.

We handle all kinds of cases on small and large scales. For example, if a worker is claiming compensation for an injury that you are unsure is as serious as they claim, we can provide you with evidence that the employee is taking advantage. 

This kind of fraud can cost your company tens of thousands of dollars. If you are in doubt, it’s always best to investigate.

  • Ethical Wrong-Doing 

  • Embezzlement

  • Harassment

  • Allegations of wrongdoings within the company

  • Company Due Diligence 

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Avoid unjust expenses due to corporate fraud

Get evidence that stands up in court  ‌ ‌

Put your mind at ease

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Civil Litigation

We implore civil litigation to resolve non-criminal disputes such as breaches of contract.

Manage and mitigate financial risk       

Accelerate your growth with confidence  ‌ ‌

Successfully execute mergers and aquistions


Domestic Cases

Our private investigation services cover all kinds of domestic cases. From missing persons to cheating spouses, we will not give up until the case is solved. We help with:

  •  Missing Persons 

  •  Human Trafficking 

  •  Infidelity and Divorce

  • Asset Searches

  • Harassment and Stalking

  • Background Searches


At Assured Investigations, we are professional and discreet. There is no drama or “big reveal”, just clear and honest reporting that provides you with the information you need to know to move forward.


Prices run hourly from $20-$50 an hour

Professional and discreet

100% willing and able to testify in court

Security Camera


As a certified investigation company, we can pull up security footage from people’s homes, gas stations, and other public areas.

We run criminal background checks, department of transportation backgrounds, employment screenings and education verifications. We will go the extra mile to run “in-person” surveillance as well as CCTV investigating.

  • CCTV 

  • In-Person Surveillance (will travel)

  • Insurance Fraud and Investigation

Address doubts and suspicions     

Get clarity on the situation ‌

100% willing and able to testify in court

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At Assured Investigations, we don’t quit until the job is finished. Learn the truth of the situations that are causing you uncertainty and regain control of your business and personal affairs.